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Let's Meet Suri !

Suri description

She is very intelligent

She has leadership Qualities

She is confident

She is out spoken

She has heroic qualities

She is a comedian

She is amazing

She is the life of the party

She has an aim in life

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Her Story!

      She was born by a mother who was still a child, a person who has no comprehension of what should be. With a notion of liming partying and drink was in still in her by her very own my mother. The cycle continued with Suri, at nine months old, the person who taught he was Suri’s father stole her from the neglectful home. He carried Suri by his mother, they took care of Suri, while taking care of Suri they noticed that she was eating raw potatoes and pumpkin, the child did not know about milk and tea. It was to their realization that Suri was suffering and the extent was amicable. As time elapses Suri mother was even looking for Suri, not even a phone call. This child was showered with love but a mother’s love and a maternal assurance Suri was deprived off.

    As Suri turned two years old, her mother reappeared with full authoritative rights to take Suri. As the family new that Suri was yearning for that love from her mother there were no opposition. They knew that they would get to see Suri any time they like.

When Suri went back to her mother’s home she was expose to real abandonment yet again. The mother left Suri alone one night and went and lime. She partied all night when poor Suri had no one only and empty cold house.

    Then Suri came to the potential father’s family to visit, as she enters the home Suri exclaim “you know I met my real father”.

Everyone was shock by her out busted, but not by what she said. For the entire family new that she was not theirs but loved her as their blood. Her hair was texturized as her looks was altered to fit the ethnicity of their family. The mother also use to shape Suri eye borrows.

    Over the years Suri has been exposes to everything that a child should not be expose too. Her mother change men as she change her pants. Suri was force to know about sexual relation from the tender age of three. The mother will perform her sexually act in the presence of the child. Only to find out when children Authority was alerted to Suri’s school because Suri was talking things she shouldn’t. She was five years old then.

Now as we fast Forward Suri is twelve years old going to be thirteen soon. Still lives with the mother, still is taken care by the potential father family and with sad and devastating news the potential father died. Also her step father of nine years also died. On October 13th, 2020 her stepfather died and the potential father died on November 27, 2020.

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