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Hope For Latin America and Caribbean Foundation mission is to HELP .Our business is a Non-Governmental Humanitarian Organization. This Foundation is dedicated to create opportunities for refuges and other vulnerable people to achieve positive change. Helping others within Latin American and the Caribbean.Our Objective is to grow food to address acute hunger related ills. Jobs are added to communities and we urgently need to support the partners on the ground within LAC reduce hunger and illness. Also we are committed to providing funds, assist housing accommodation for the homeless. Our main focus is to bring relief to the Venezuelan Humanitarian Crises.

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My Mission


Hope For Latin American and the Caribbean Foundation


   Welcome ! 

 My name is Dr. Samuel Joseph, my life is dedicated to bring hope. Hope for Latin America and Caribbean Foundation is the name of the Charity. I am committed to delivering the Humanitarian Aid and Nothing else and I would not allow anything to stand in my way as I try to deliver to the Venezuelan people who are suffering. When I receive distressingly sad stories and I realize that I am contributing to the problem faced by families with children suffering. I have decided to do all in my power to ensure that I do not cause further suffering. I would make some difficult decisions to clear me and our organization from the blame and dishonorable stain. Where it is found that we are contributing negatively, changes would be made immediately to protect the children and families who are victims. I am sorry if the required changes affect you directly or indirectly.  Please forgive me but this is what we are  mandated to do. Be safe




 Hope In the New Testament   Greek word for hope is elpis. According to Strong's Concordance , elpis means eplis means expectation ,Trust, and confidence. It means to anticipate (with Pleasure) and to welcome.

Hebrews 11:1 States " Faith is the Substance of things hope for" . Hope for Latin America and the Caribbean Foundation epitome Hope. Our foundation is the ray of Hope, to all that is in need . We assist entire families, in retrospect to physiological, physical , emotional and people who are in the dark valley of self- destruction. 

Learning  About us .

 Hope For Latin American And The Caribbean Foundation , we pride ourselves in simplicity ;​

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  • We Pride ourselves in utilizing everything possible it without  being costly.

One of the Major Part of this Foundation is Healing people through herbs. Using Herbal medication to cure various diseases such as Cancer, arthritis , and stokes. Our Conventional methods has proven itself through Countless Testimonies of sickness being cured.



Project  Feed !

This Food is Cooked 


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I Grew up witnessing hunger.

I saw my mother trying and was determine to feed everyone in her community. As a youngster had the privilege to witness my mom called three children who was passing . She told them she called the to eat some food. I stood there and saw the brutality  of hungry where the littlest one who can average around three years old grabbed the rice and split peas with her bare hands  and shove the food in her mouth in order to satisfied her hunger. The biggest boy was about fourteen years old and he was concerned how he looked  when  eating, so he used a spoon. In using the spoon I witnessed the lack of knowledge in using a basic eating tool. He took the back of the spoon in attempt to enter food in to his mouth. At that moment time my mission was clear in life.




Pumpkin Harvest


Pumpkin Harvest




"We know what we are, but know not what we may be"

William Shakespeare